Thursday, July 13, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Premier's ANZAC Prize awardees

To find out about the South Australian Premier's School Spirit School Prize go to the South Australian Government website. The prize has been conducted by the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) in collaboration with the Department for Premier and Cabinet since 2007. During that time 88 students and 22 teachers have been involved in the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize Tour to France (2007-2012 and 2014), Singapore/South Korea (2013) and Gallipoli (2015) and Vietnam (2016). In 2017, thirteen students and three teachers will participate in a study tour to Vietnam from 1 to 15 October. This blog has been developed to support commemoration activities and student learning during the tour. 
Since 2007 it is estimated that over 7000 students have participated in the research competition that forms the basis for the selection of the students to participate in the tour. Winning entries can be viewed on the Veterans SA site. It is also important to note that all 489 entries submitted to the judges since 2007 have been integrated into the South Australian RSL Virtual War Memorial - an initiative with a very close relationship with the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize initiative.

      Welcome to the following students to this great initiative of the Premier.

Malcolm, Joanne and Brenton will be posting regularly to the blog over the next months in preparation for our trip to Vietnam. I am sure many of the students will set up a Facebook but this is just a way for us to communicate as a group on matters important to us (history background, information etc).

       Getting started

At this early stage we suggest you some backgrounding on the history, geography, culture and travel conditions of Vietnam. Again, nothing too much but it is worthwhile getting an idea of the place and people we are visiting. Here are several useful sites to check out:

      Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War (to the Vietnamese, it is known as the American War)
Do some reading/watching about the cause, nature and events of the Vietnam War 1962-75. In particular, we suggest you focus on the involvement of Australians in the conflict. Check out the War Memorial site and some of the great videos up on YouTube

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