Thursday, July 27, 2017

The truth?

Image above: Troops travel on landing craft to board HMAS Sydney for their trip home in February 1972. The men were among the last members of the Australian Force Vietnam to return to Australia. [AWM FOD/72/0043/VN]

It is worth considering what the truth is when studying history – have a read of the Vietnam War Myths page on the Australian War memorial site. Such considerations are particularly important when we consider that contention and interpretation are important concepts and skills when studying history – what is the truth? This should always be asked and it often depends who we talk to or what sources of evidence we use. Your thinking on the Vietnam War will be challenged on the first day we are in Ho Chi Min City when we visit the War Remnants Museum. You will see some some very challenging images and read narratives that are quite different to what we read in Australia. Under such circumstances, as historians our role is to learn and consider before trying to think about the truth.  

"The truth is that real history was a lot more complicated than our popular understandings lead us to believe."  Marie Brennan  American author

 Some war machines outside the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Min City

While on the site have a look at some interesting and poignant Australians in Vietnam images from the war at

This site provides plenty of excellent information on the role and participation of Australians in the Vietnam War.

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