Sunday, July 16, 2017

Selecting a person to research

Image above: Page from the Virtual War Memorial re: Vietnam soldiers.

As mentioned at the briefing you are to nominate a soldier (preferably South Australian) to present on one of the nights of the tour.
We ask you to go to the Virtual War Memorial and select a soldier who died during the Vietnam War. You will be asked during our trip to share the story of your selected person with us as a way of connecting with the sacrifice such times in our history have involved. We cannot visit the grave of the soldiers but we can in our own way remember and commemorate their sacrifice – and that of their family and loved ones all of these years ago. Do what you can to find out some information and background on a person – you will need to do a bit of checking out of names to find one with enough information uploaded. 
Feel free to look at other sources to build you story, such as the Australian War Memorial and the Australian Archives: 

To date I have the following soldiers nominated to have their story told:

Josh B: William Thomas
Lily: Allan Moss
Hannah B: David Paterson 
Metala: Peter Chant 
Alicia: Thomas Blackhurst
Lucy: Laurence Clifford
Jasmin: Dennis Nelson  
Josh L: Ronald Hood
Abbie: Errol Noack
Alyssa: Kevin Mitchinson
Laura: James Houston
Jessica: Michael Tongnolin 
Hannah Z: Gordon Sharp

I am happy to upload any information on your soldier onto this blog if you put it into a Word document for me and send through any images you download.

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