Thursday, August 10, 2017

Meeting the locals

Image above: The 2016 Premier's ANZAC Spirit School Prize students with some students from the Song Cau Primary school.

Visiting a village school and orphanage in Vietnam

As time has gone by in organising the Premier’s ANZAC Spirit School Prize it has been thought it would be a good idea to engage in some way with the Vietnamese community. To this end, during the early days of our tour we have organised visits to several village schools between Ho Chi Min City and Vang Tau. (see map below).

We will be visiting two schools:

Day 4-04 Oct : Song Cau Primary School - this is the school we visited last year.

Day 5-05 Oct : Trung Tâm Công tác Xã Hội Tỉnh BRVT Orphanage School
English name “Centre of Society Operation of BRVT”

As expected they are poor schools and any help we can give them would be greatly appreciated. Several of us are planning to do some fund raising in the office and around the place before we go – we would love the schools to be provided with some funds (or maybe a learning resource) to do something to support their teaching program when we visit. Feel free to do something in your school or community groups if you want to help out with any fund raising before we depart. There is no pressure on you to be involved on a personal level but we thought it would be good to engage with the Vietnamese community and do something positive in the community when we are there.

If I have any more information on this part of the trip I will get back to you. I have checked out the schools and been assured by the tour group who have dealt with the schools in the past that any money/resources provided will go directly to help the students. Please give me a ring if you want to discuss this initiative for the tour.

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