Thursday, September 29, 2016

The cultural geography of Vietnam

Image above: The Culture Crossing site at

A different world

Following on from the posting related to the physical geography of Vietnam I thought it important to do a posting on the culture of Vietnam – often what is unseen! Culture is very subtle and goes way beyond the physical aspect we often see, such a food and clothing. I really think it is important that you have a look at these sites that provide excellent information on the customs and cultural norms of Vietnam (which differ even from North to South Vietnam). It is important that we do not offend out of ignorance of the different cultural norms of a country we are visiting.

The Vietnam Culture site is worth looking at to get an overview of the culture.

Cultural Crossing is another great site to get an idea of the more subtle, unseen to the visitor aspects of the culture.

Other sites you should look at are:

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